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We first saw Lorrie singing I was very impressed with her unique and soulful voice.  Since then my husband and I have attended shows with the duo of Steve and Lorrie acoustically, and the full Navels band - and were blown away!  Not only do I thoroughly enjoy the Stevie Nicks covers, but watching the rest of the audience also happily singing along reminiscing to Beatles tunes and hits from the 70's through the 90's is ALWAYS a delightful evening. At outdoor shows Lorrie invites kids (and adults!) to come up front, play tambourines, sing and dance. The Navels, and Steve and Lorrie acoustically, are wonderful and enchanting. Check it out for yourself!
Susan and Richie de Alejos
Milford CT

My wife and I have been following the Navels all over Connecticut for many years. We have NEVER been let down by the Navels, they are a very professional band. The range of music and talent of each band member ensures a fun and exciting event to attend every time!

Carl & Shari
Wallingford, CT

Lorrie and the Navals REALLY know how to get a crowd going!  Lorries energy and voice is incredible!  The whole band is excellent !!  I LOVE going to their shows , I know it will always be a good time.
GO NAVALS !!  =)
Ami Shaham  ( Navals fan) 

The Navels are good old-fashioned fun. At our wedding, even people who never danced were dancing; people who never stayed up late saw midnight. The next day, most of my friends were limping because they'd danced so much. Someone said to me, "Won't they play a bad song so I can rest?" The Navels play music with energy, humor, and joy. You're in for a wonderful evening.

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The Navels are by far, one of the best crowd drawing party bands in Connecticut. Their repertoire is infinitely vast and they are all very talented musicians, they play it all so there are never any disappointments. The leaders of the pack, Lorrie and Steve, really know how to get the audience involved and make sure they have an awesome time.

Michael Verdisco

We have been listening to the navels for (6) six years. One evening while we were eating dinner at a local restaurant, we heard the sounds of the Navels and have been their followers since then.

The members of the band are very versatile; they play all kinds of music and do innovations on mixed musical tunes better than some of the original artists. All the band members are witty and are amusing in addition to their great sound. They are constantly adding new songs to their repotire and are a pleasure to listen to.

Our weekends are spent following the Navels around when we are available. We look forward to hearing them and never tire of their fantastic sound.

Earl and Raeanne Levine